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Compose practical distributed replication mechanisms

What is Replica_IO about?

Replica_IO is about making a breakthrough in designing and implementing distributed protocols for the future of decentralized computing! 🚀

The purpose of this project is to advance computing by making highly reliable distributed systems more practical to implement. The goal is to develop a well-supported and widely used state-of-the-art framework for building distributed replication mechanisms. Specifically, the framework should provide a carefully designed collection of primitives, components, tools, and guidelines for developing core mechanisms of fault-tolerant distributed systems. Possible areas of application include blockchain, cloud computing, distributed databases, etc. Following are the key areas of focus:


Making protocol implementations well structured and understandable.


Keeping the framework adaptable, widely applicable, and evolvable.


Ensuring that protocol correctness is verifiable and the implementation is resilient.


Allowing for various optimizations and delivering good performance.


Catering for maintenance needs and providing great diagnostic mechanisms.